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  • April 14, 2022 /
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20*60 Home Floor Plans – A Closer Look at 20*60 Floor Plans

This is a 20*60 house plan South facing according to Vastu Shastra. In this plan, everything is designed according to Vastu, and there is so much space in front of the house that you can easily park a car. The main gate of the house will open towards the east. However, the time has changed, but still, some people want to build their homes, according to Vastu Shastra.

20*60 Home Floor Plans

Now, let’s take a detailed look at the house; first of all, there is a porch with a size of 8 x 10 where you can park a car. The entrance to the living room is from the porch, the size of the living room is 15 x 15, and there is a cabinet for a wall-mounted TV, which is quite popular nowadays. The kitchen of the house will be in the Southeast direction. The angle formed between them is known as the Agni angle, according to Vastu.

20 x 60 House Plan With Car Parking

The size of the kitchen is 7 x 8. However, the design of the kitchen is also modular. Nowadays, people love to have a modular kitchen. The dining area is in front of the kitchen, and it is in the South direction. The size of the dining area is 15 x 7, and you can place the dining table and fridge in this area.

The bedroom of this house will be in the Northwest direction, and its size is 15 x 10, and the interior of the room is also designed well. The room will have a wardrobe, dressing table, and double bed. You can use plywood for all the interior work to make it look great; plywood is trending nowadays.

A storeroom can be used for storing all the necessary things in your house. The storeroom of the house is in the West direction, and its size is 10 x 10. The washroom is on the side of the room, and its size is 6 x 9. The washroom size is 6 x 6, and it has a space of 3 feet available in front where you can install the washbasin.

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